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Touch of Orange

Touch Of Orange

Another shot from an early morning bike ride.

The colors, the early sunlight and shadows combine to make this look downright psychedelic.

Many Tanks

Many Tanks

Taken in Amboy, CA the same day as this shot, it wasn't until now that I noticed how many different tanks there are in this one picture.

Must be some sort of record.

The Strip Centre

The Strip Centre

I took this shot while riding on the north strip early one morning.

The Strip Centre Sign looks like it's been around for a while.

On these rides, I'm always on the lookout for glimpses of an older Las Vegas.

That Las Vegas was small, much smaller, surrounded on all sides by desert, its neon signs blazing away in the inky huge blackness of the forbidding Mojave.

Those days are gone, but the signs aren't.

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