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Bus Boneyard

Bus Bone Yard

This is was the source for the banner image in the header.  It's a yard full of junked buses (and other vehicles) off Hwy 14 in California outside Lancaster.

Welcome to Southrustern

The purpose of this site is a celebration of what I like to call, "The new old west".

I am a watercolor artist. For reasons I can't explain, I am entranced by harsh desert sunlight on metal. Because I can't explain the fascination, I paint pictures of it instead.

My paintings are made from photographs taken throughout the southwest.

The "Old West" has long been a popular subject of American art. I see a new "Old West", the one described by abandoned hardware littering countless miles of the desert.

A lot of this is the detritus of America's great migration to the western states after World War II.

Where "Old West" art is typified by cowboys, horses, cattle and Native Americans, Southrustern art depicts the rusting refuse of last 60 years of the American Southwest.

I am not the only one who shares this fascination - I have seen works by dozens of artists which I would call "Southrustern". I hope to showcase some of them here, along with my own work.

So, welcome to Southrustern, home of the "New Old West"


Learning Curve

Holy Mother of God!

[12/9] The learning curve on Drupal is steep.

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