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I am a programmer. Here are a couple things I've written.

  • Getzap
    A Perl script which will gather info from Zap2Its TV listings and output an XMLTV file for use with mythtv.

    As of 4/8/2011, Yahoo no longer has listings at listings.yahoo.com.

    I am leaving my older listings scraper, Yahtv up for reference.

  • Tag Cloud
    The code used to generate the Tag Cloud on this site.
  • Postx

    I recently brought my Botaday blog into Drupal 6. I could not get the Blogger Importer to work. Instead of troubleshooting the importer, I decided to write my own importer in Perl.

    I used wget to dump the blog to text files on my machine, and then used postx to import it.

    This is by NO MEANS FINISHED SOFTWARE. Use this only as a starting point - you will probably have to modify it here and there to get it to work for you. There is a decent amount of comments in the code - I love to comment code