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There are many, many older apartment buildings in Las Vegas, with styles ranging from whimsical to outrageous.

Quite a few are handsome examples of mid-20th century modern architecture. Many of the apartment names draw attention to the fact that they are in Las Vegas - "Palms", "Flamingo", "Desert This" and "Desert That".

Although the Sovereign's name and design are not in those groups, I did like the sign. There's something exotically cryptic about it.

In addition, as I've been riding the neighborhoods around downtown, I've noticed that the Stratosphere tower is a predominant figure.

It shows up in quite a few of my shots. I'm going to start tagging these pics with "Shadocaster", a play on the words "Stratosphere shadow" and "Stratocaster".

NRS 207 200

Nrs 207 200

Some old apartments on a side street just east of the Strip. Probably not long for this world. Actually a bit surprising they're still there.

Surrounded by empty lots.

Maybe the wrecking ball is stalled by some long-ago defined obstruction. Someone must die perhaps, so the heirs can sell the place off.

Or maybe the right offer has yet to be made.

Same place as this shot.

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